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Crossword Puzzles for

Horizons: Canada Moves West

(First Edition)


The crossword puzzles in this collection were designed to help motivate and focus your students as they read passages in textbook Horizons: Canada Moves West.  The puzzles can be used:

  • to guide your students when they read specific sections of the textbook's chapters, or

  • as a chapter or section review, or

  • as sponge activities when students are finished other classroom activities. 


The Horizons: Canada Moves West - 1ed collection of crossword puzzles contains the following components:

  • 3 or more puzzles for each chapter - a total of 37.

  • Answer keys for each puzzle.

  • A record sheet for individual students.


Click here to download a sample of the puzzles for chapter 1 of  Horizons: Canada Moves West textbook.  You are welcome to try them out with your students.


Click here for a list of puzzles in the Crossword Puzzles for Horizons: Canada Moves West collection. 



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Last updated on Thursday, January 26, 2012

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